Pack Games S2 @ WAR-X




The Pack Games Season-2 at War-X
Jackson, Ohio – July 17th, 2021
(3 categories to choose from) ($99 entry per category) (Compete in 1 or all 3)
About The Games: 
  • OCR Style: This is NOT your average 5k obstacle course race. With no separate divisions, no cap on competitors per wave, and mandatory obstacle completion, you are in for a bumpy ride. Just don’t let the explosions throw off your focus! Your speed and endurance will be tested… TWICE. That’s right. You will have to make it to round two for your chance at the prize. Finish in the top 50% in the first race, and race again for one of the top 3 prizes! *(Top 3 will receive prize money)

  • Big Pack Battle: Whether it’s moving stones through water, or breaking through blocks to collect flags, battle against the entire Pack in multiple rounds until you’re the only one that remains. Your strength, speed, and endurance will be tested. Finish in the top 50% in each battle to move on to the next round. The Field will be cut in half until only 1 competitor remains.  *(Top 2 will receive prize money)

  • Wolf vs Wolf Bracket: This is what The Pack Games were made for. Go toe to toe with your opponent and push, pull, drag, and wrestle your way through the various battles in this bracket style tournament. Your strength, physicality, and toughness will be on full display. Win your individual battle to move to the next round.(Qualifying/Entry round will be used if necessary to even out the bracket) *(Bracket winner will receiver prize money)

Pack Games S2 @ WAR-X

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